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What is Zavethru Service ?

“It is the new landline telephone service for use in your office or factory, serviced through the 3G and 4G networks by the world class service providers and Convergence service provider which help  saving up the telephone for up to 50% less cost. Feel the freedom to call without limit in your office, factory, hotel-resort, and anywhere while enjoy the subscription in a  Buffet monthly price. Make your call to any numbers all over Thailand, any provincial number, and all mobile phone operator services without being charged minutely. NO binding, specific group call or any other call conditions required.”

How many services does Zavethru Service include?

Zavethru Service come packed in 4 types of services:
Zavethru Service (GSM-3G+) is the calling service through the 3G and 4G mobile SIM network. Ideal for everyday office or factory phone call in the monthly buffet package. Make free calls to all services across Thailand for 14-hours a day from 6:00 am until 8:00 pm. (Compatible with Zimbox GSM-3G + devices)

       • Zavethru Service (VoIP) is the calling/facsimile service through VoIP network. Available for both telephone and facsimile use in the monthly buffet package Make calls and send faxes to all services across Thailand for 14-hours a day. (Compatible with the ZIPGateway VOIP device)

       • Zavegroup Service (3G-2100 MHz) is the calling service through the special mobile network for use with mobile handset only. Enjoy making calls for free to registered group… 24-Hours FULL TIME!! Plus Free!! Up to 25,000 minutes calling out of the service group from the chosen package. 

       • Faxzave Service is a service through our special dedicated servers. Easy Net-Fax modem setup. Specially for regular fax sending, serve to you in Buffet monthly rate. Sending Fax for Free!! over Thailand and worldwide in very cheap monthly buffet package.

What are benefits from using Zavethru Service??

Saving up cost by 30-50%  for fixed phone within your office or corporation
Saving up cost up to 50%  for Mobile Handset in your corporation  
– Pay in Fixed Cost  every month at your comfort price.
– Unlimited call and free fax for 14-hours a day 

How is Zavethru Service cheaper than Y-Tel 1234 service and other providers’ SIM promotions?

• Zavethru Service utilize the Zimbox GSM-3G+ with 3G and 4G digital signal which have much higher quality than the voice over internet protocol used by the Y-Tel.

• Though the cost of Y – Tel is cheap, you are  charged for every single minute you use which could added up dramatically.

• The SIMs from other service provider or counter service is not really monthly fixed cost as you think as they charge you every minute while only give free call to certain numbers, during at night time, or within the same network range.

Zavethru Service  utilize the Zimbox GSM-3G+ to cut your cost down to 30%-50%  from your normal cost and let you pay by the Monthly Buffet package per which will help you save up immediately.

How is Zavethru Service compared to other services?

 Zavethru Service and Zavethru Ready Set devices are certified and authorized by the Office of The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC)  in meeting the quality standard.

• Zavethru Service utilizes the  3G and 4G advanced networks which have good sound quality and signal.
 Zavethru Service does NOT use the pseudo-3G/4G SIMs that connected with Call Center before reaching destination numbers by compromising qualities to save cost. 
• Zavethru Service also utilizes the VoIP network system through our dedicated servers to match the needs and compatibility of any PABX, any telephone system, and network you would have to ensure 100% of the quality you would get. We guarantee you to give a try with our Zavethru Service!
• Zavethru Service does not primarily sell products, such as Fixed Wireless Terminal or Fixed Phone devices, as the other businesses would do without giving you the after service, the maintenance, or any other advisement.
• Zavethru Service gives after service that follow up with you in maintenance, advisement, Q&A, and many other supports that we would eagerly help you to gain the most out of our services by our dedicated Customer Service and Network team.

Do I have to cancel my telephone number to use Zavethru Service?

No. You do not need to cancel any of your telephone numbers. The Zavethru Service will become the additional numbers for just making call only. Your telephone numbers will remain for receiving calls normally in which you will be able to receive or make more calls as both receiving call and making call are in different channels.

What is Zimbox GSM-3G+?

The Zimbox GSM-3G+ is the device that utilize 3G and 4G network for your fixed phone and fax machine within your company or factory. By connecting to the network of 3G-900/1800/1900/2100 MHz, the Zimbox GSM-3G+ allows making call to any mobile phone operator such as AIS, DTAC, and Truemove H. 

How does the Zimbox GSM-3G+ save up my cost?

The Zimbox GSM-3G+ will save your cost for up to 50% cheaper by using our special Zavethru Service’s SIMs and pay inMonthly Buffet package.

What system does the Zimbox GSM-3G+ support?

– 3G-850 MHz for Truemove-H, DTAC Trinet
– 3G-900 MHz for the AIS 3G
– 3G-2100 MHz for AIS 3G, Truemove H, DTAC Trinet
– 4G-900 MHz for AIS 4G, Truemove H
– 4G-1800 MHz for 4G, Truemove H, DTAC Trine

Would the power outage or interruption disable the Zimbox GSM-3G+?

The Zimbox GSM-3G+ will not be interrupted if connected to the UPS or uninterrupted power supply

Is there any warranty for the Zimbox GSM-3G+?

– 1-year warranty if you  only purchase the Zimbox GSM-3G+.  
Life-time*  warranty if you registered for the Zavethru Service.
*Life-time warranty and support for the whole Zavethru Service contract’s duration.

How many line or port do the Zimbox GSM-3G+ support?

Each Zimbox GSM-3G+ can connect up to 2 ports or lines of the fixed phone, but allow only 1 instance of either from the 2 connections only.

How do I install the Zimbox GSM-3G+?

The installation is simple; either you use our network team to help you with the work or let our technical advisor guide you at your own pace.

How do I adjust the volume of the Zimbox GSM-3G+?

You can manually set the volume of the Zimbox GSM-3G+ with following codes:
Substitute X with 1-6 for Speaker Volume level
Substitute YY with 00-15 for Microphone Volume level
Example: *00#030#6*15# to set for maximum speaker and microphone volume.

What is ZipGateway VoIP?

ZipGateway VoIP is the device that converts the telephone or fax protocol signal within your office, factory, or company, and transmits the data over the Internet network to the destination number. Through this process, you can make call or send fax even without the landline number and your cost is reduced significantly. The device, however, will need to connect to the Internet network such as ADSL to be able to operate properly.

How does Zipgateway works with Fax?

The ZipGateway can be used to send fax directly with your fax machine or connect to the computer and send through WinFax program over the Internet as the digital fax format.

What is Faxzave Service?

Faxzave Service is the low cost monthly fixed cost facsimile sending service that you can use to send fax to any destination numbers all over Thailand and international number for free. The setup is simple without any change to your daily usage.

How does the Faxzave Service work?

By connect your fax machine with the device of Net-Faxmodem , your data sent from your fax will be transmitted to our Faxserver Real Time network and are then sent to your destination number as you had dialed.

Can the Faxzave Service use with the WinFax program?

The Faxzave Service can be used with the Winfax program while connecting with the  Net-Faxmodem as the data will be transmitted to the Faxserver Real Time network through the Internet before being sent to the destination numbers.




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